The Packard Humanities Institute and Opera San José
present the North American premiere of
Alma Deutscher's opera Cinderella
at the California Theatre
on December 16–21.

Alma’s opera is based on the traditional fairy tale, but in her version music itself has become the central theme of the story. The setting is an opera company run by the step-mother, who inherited it from Cinderella’s father when he died. The step-sisters are two vain would-be divas, who are convinced they are amazing singers but have no talent. Cinderella herself is a natural composer with beautiful melodies springing into her head, but she is not allowed to learn or to sing.

The prince is a poet, and the story is about about his words searching for their melody, as well as the traditional theme of the boy and the girl finding each other.

Here are some things to read about Alma:

Here is some information about our production:

Alma's You Tube channel has dozens of remarkable videos. You will quickly understand why we are so excited that her American debut will happen here in San Jose.

This website will soon have further information about our production and about buying tickets.

Alma will also perform her violin concerto with Symphony Silicon Valley on December 2–3.